RF. Alvarez

July 08 2019

Ceramics have featured prominently in recent paintings by RF. Alvarez.  We spoke with him about his body of work and how vessels weave into a narrative of an alternate future.

Chef Daniel Benhaim

April 30 2019

We spoke with chef Daniel Benhaim about his background and creative process.
Sheldon Ceramics and Chef Daniel collaborated on a springtime dining experience in Los Angeles.

Salt Water Farm's Dandelion Salad

October 18 2018
“In early May, when dandelions pop up across the open fields of our farm, I find any excuse to snip their tender leaves, dress them simply and toss them with a handful of our early garden vegetables.”

Salt Water Farm

September 13 2018
Over the last ten years, Annemarie Ahearn has created a business integrated with her family home. We spoke with her about the idyllic location, her cooking school, and the work that goes into maintaining it.

Andrea Aranow

August 09 2018
Andrea Aranow is the founder of TextileHive - a textile collection that has grown to 40,000 items housed in Portland, Oregon. We spoke with Andrea about the similarities and differences between textiles and ceramics, and her past and future travels.

The Cyclist's Menu

June 17 2018
Zander Ault and Heidi Rentz are proficient in adventure. Whether biking, trail running or swimming in alpine lakes, they celebrate an active lifestyle. And as co-founders of The Cyclist's Menu, they use this proficiency to bring people together in beautiful places.

Still Life

June 15 2018
We collaborated with photographer Jong Hyup and stylist Chloe Daley to beautiful produce imagery of our handmade pottery.