How long will it take for me to get my pottery?

That’s a tough question! Our pottery ships anywhere from within a day or two of purchase to a few weeks for specialty items or large orders. We’re a small studio, and fulfillment depends on a myriad of factors including what items we have available in inventory, what bisqueware shapes are on the shelf ready to glaze, and our staffing power. We’re able to ship most small to mid-size orders within 2-3 weeks. If you need your pottery by a certain date, please reach out to us at info@sheldonceramics.com.

How does shipping work?

We ship all over the world via UPS using their standard shipping rates. We can ship via USPS if the international rates are significantly lower. Depending on where you’re located, that means that once your shipment gets picked up by the carrier it’ll arrive to you in anywhere from 1-5 days. Shipment progress is only listed online once UPS picks up from our studio, so if the tracking says it’s waiting for the carrier to dispatch information, your order is still awaiting pick up. 

Can I expedite an order?

If your order is ready but hasn’t yet shipped, we’re happy to upgrade your shipping. This doesn’t guarantee that we’ll be able to fulfill your order within a certain timeframe, but if shipping time will make or break your deadline, we’re more than happy to assist you in upgrading! Please check in with our customer care team about lead time and upgraded shipping options by emailing info@sheldonceramics.com.

Do you offer trade discounts?

Yes! If you are a designer, please contact our care team at info@sheldonceramics.com for more information.

Is your pottery dishwasher/microwave/oven safe? 

We fire our pottery to over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure maximum durability. All of our products are safe to use in your dishwasher and microwave. We don’t recommend using our pottery for baking, but it can be safely warmed in an oven set to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I order an item in a different glaze color not listed?

It depends! We're open to hearing from you with particular glaze requests or questions. Please email our customer care team at info@sheldonceramics.com for more information, and please be patient with us if we don't get back to you right away. 

Is it safe to use your vases for fresh flowers on wooden surfaces?

Ideally, yes! We quality control all of our stoneware and terra cotta vases to ensure water tightness before shipping them out of the studio. That being said, we recommend that you do an additional home test before placing vases filled with water on expensive wooden furniture. To do this, place your vase filled with water on a piece of paper on top of a watertight surface like a stone countertop. Slight wrinkles in the paper are fine, but if there is a wet spot beneath your vase after 24 hours, please contact our care team at info@sheldonceramics.com for a replacement. Unfortunately, our studio cannot presume liability for damaged furniture.

Is your pottery food safe? 

Yes! We hand formulate all of our glazes to maximize quality and safety control. We don’t use lead or cadmium in any of our glaze recipes, and all of our clay bodies are certified non-toxic. We maximize silica content (the ingredient that creates a glassy surface) across our glaze recipes to ensure the most durable and stable surface and to prevent any possible leaching. 

We love your work! Can we stock your product in our brick and mortar or online store?

Thanks for your interest! Please contact our customer care team at info@sheldonceramics.com for information about becoming a stockist, purchasing minimums, and our wholesale catalog.

I’m disappointed with my order. Who can I call?

Oh no, we’re sorry to hear that! If you’d like to return or exchange items from your order, please reach out to our customer care team within two weeks of receiving your order at info@sheldonceramics.com. Please note that unless your items were defective, shipping costs associated with your return will be your responsibility. Additionally, because refunds will not be issued in full for items damaged in return shipping or returns that are never received, we highly recommend that you insure all return shipments and provide our team with the shipment tracking number.

I received the wrong item. What do I do now?

Oops! Sorry about that! We’re a small team and very occasionally boxes get mixed up or the wrong item gets glazed for an order. Please let us know as soon as you’re able by emailing info@sheldonceramics.com so we can get that straightened out.

My pottery arrived broken. When can I expect to have it replaced?

We’re so sorry! We hate when pottery breaks. We do everything we can to ensure that your pottery arrives safely, but unfortunately occasional breakage is a reality of long-distance shipping. Please email info@sheldonceramics.com with a picture of your broken shipment so we can replace your items at no additional cost. Depending on whether or not we have a replacement in stock, lead times may vary depending on our production availability, but replacements almost always get bumped to the top of our list. If you’re concerned about lead time, please reach out to us so we can work out an alternative.