June 15 2018
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Sheldon Ceramics
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Still Life

A white, handmade ceramic bowl leans against a white ceramic cup on a white linen tablecloth.
A Sheldon Ceramics handmade moon vase in eggshell glaze. A long stem with a dried flower bud at the top.
A handmade Sheldon Ceramics Silverlake Low Profile Bowl in Eggshell casts a long shadow across a white linen tablecloth.
A grouping of handmade Sheldon Ceramics Cylinder Vases and Silverlake Tumblers in a variety of grey glazes. A closeup of a broken shard of terra cotta pottery and dried flower petals.
Closeup of a handmade Sheldon Ceramics Moon Vase in Desert Sage.
A white table scattered with an assortment of objects: a handmade ceramic vase, a brick, a length of green wire, and an aluminum tin.
Photos – Jong Hyup
Prop Styling – Chloe Daley