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Flared Stoneware Bowl - Eggshell
Flared Stoneware Bowl - Eggshell

Flared Stoneware Bowl - Eggshell

$ 125.00

This hand thrown, stoneware bowl is one of a kind. The flared, graceful curve is accentuated by the narrow foot, composing an elegant and balanced piece of art. Perfect as the focal point of any room, this piece is a real eye catcher. This bowl can be used both in your daily functions, or reserved for special occasions.

Once the bowl has been thrown, trimmed and bisque fired, it is then glazed in our custom Eggshell glaze.  Whether used in the kitchen, around a dining table, or accenting a room, this beautiful bowl is both functional and decorative.

Each piece is fired twice. The final firing is to cone 10, approximately 2,300 degrees. A cone 10 firing differs from low firing techniques often used, and ensures each piece to be highly durable. 

The final firing takes 15 hrs to reach the high temperatures necessary, and three days to cool.

We prefer this firing technique with all of our ceramics, to ensure our pieces can endure wear and tear, daily use, and avoid chipping. Our pottery is meant to be used and enjoyed daily. It's made to last you a lifetime!


9" across x 2.75" tall

*microwave*dishwasher*food safe

*If this item is out of stock, please allow 2-4 weeks to make and ship your order.