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Vermont Berry Colander - Brown, 2nd
Vermont Berry Colander - Brown, 2nd
Vermont Berry Colander - Brown, 2nd
Vermont Berry Colander - Brown, 2nd

Vermont Berry Colander - Brown, 2nd

$ 45.00

These colanders are a second. This means that it has been discounted by 35% from the original price.

**Please note that the item pictured is of the original, full-price, product & does not reflect the available second**

Each piece at Sheldon Ceramics is made by skilled hands. This process invariably creates pieces outside of our threshold for standard retail sales.  These slightly less-than-perfect pieces come with a blemish or two, which adds to their unique personality. Each second is completely unique, with imperfections that range from uneven glazing to glaze pinholes to the piece being slightly off-round, or slumped. We assure you the pottery is still completely functional

*Seconds berry colanders are often missing a handle*

To purchase the brown berry colanders in ideal retail condition, click here.
We do not accept returns or exchanges on sales of seconds


Our rustic berry colander is hand thrown on the potter's wheel and hand carved with a delicate, functional design. Perfect for straining your favorite berries, vegetables and fruits. This functional and decorative bowl can go from sink to table!

The clay body is a dark brown, raw stoneware clay. A beautiful white glaze decorates the interior of the bowl, giving the piece a striking contrast of color. We mix all of our glazes in studio using all natural, non-toxic, lead-free materials.

Each bowl is fired twice. The final firing is a cone 10 high reduction atmosphere. This allows the piece to be highly durable, microwave and dishwasher safe.


approximately 7 " across x 3“ deep

*Please note that all of our pieces are handmade, and may include slight variations.