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Tulum Bowl #26
Tulum Bowl #26
Tulum Bowl #26

Tulum Bowl #26

$ 410.00

Our Tulum Collection is inspired by our recent trip to Mexico, and the pottery of Tulum.

Perfect as a statement piece, our large Tulum bowl adds a beautiful sense of antiquity to your home.

Each one of a kind vase is hand-thrown using a terra cotta clay body. Once the vase has been trimmed & bisque fired, we apply our custom formulated porcelain slip to create the layered milky white and antiqued surface. Our porcelain slip is formulated in-house using porcelain clay that is thinned out with the addition of water. Once thin enough, the slip is layered on top of the terra cotta clay before going back into the kiln to be re-fired for a final time.

The final firing takes 15 hrs for the kiln to reach the necessary temperature, and two days to cool.

Our limited edition Tulum series offers a truly one-of-a-kind, eye-catching statement piece to your home.


Dimensions :

4.75" tall x 14.25" wide


 *** All of the materials used are non-toxic & food safe. However, this item is intended as a decorative statement piece and is not dishwasher or microwave safe.