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Silverlake Low-Profile Soup Bowl - Glossy Gray

Silverlake Low-Profile Soup Bowl - Glossy Gray

$ 45.00
Our latest ceramic collection combines both a modern and rustic feel, drawing from our time growing up in Vermont, surrounded by rural beauty and a life that demands functionality.

This stoneware bowl is inspired by the farm to table manner of home, with a comfortable slice of urban and industrial flair that makes the collection a must for today. The blond stoneware clay is complemented by our custom Glossy Gray glaze, carefully formulated entirely in house.

Hand thrown on the wheel, the contrast of the custom Glossy Gray glaze and raw stoneware rim gives each plate a contemporary, rustic feel, and enhances the truly one-of-a-kind quality.

We are sure you will agree, our Silverlake collection is a beautiful addition to any table setting.



***All of our glazes are formulated and mixed from scratch in our studio, and contain non-toxic, all natural, food safe materials.

 Each piece is fired twice. The final firing is to cone 10, approximately 2,300 degrees. A cone 10 firing differs from low firing techniques often used, and ensures each piece to be highly durable.

 The final firing takes 15 hrs to reach the high temperatures necessary, and three days to cool.

 We prefer this firing technique with all of our ceramics, to ensure our pieces can endure wear and tear, daily use, and avoid chipping. Our pottery is meant to be used and enjoyed daily. It's made to last you a lifetime!



Bowl: 6" diam x 2.5" tall

*If this item is out of stock, please allow 2-4 weeks to make and ship your order.

* Please note that all of our pieces are handmade, and may include slight variations in size or appearance.

*non-toxic * food safe * lead-free * microwave safe * dishwasher safe