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Farmhouse Jewelry Box - Small Rustic White, 2nd

Farmhouse Jewelry Box - Small Rustic White, 2nd

$ 42.25

This jewelry box is a second. This means that it has been discounted by 35% from the original price of the piece, $65. 

**Please note that the item pictured is of the original, full-price product & does not reflect the available second**

Each piece at Sheldon Ceramics is made by skilled hands. This process invariably creates pieces outside of our threshold for standard retail sales.  These slightly less-than-perfect pieces come with a blemish or two, which adds to their unique personality. Each second is completely unique, with imperfections that range from uneven glazing to glaze pinholes to the piece being slightly off-round, or slumped. We assure you the pottery is still completely functional.

We no longer carry small jewelry boxes in our standard retail line. Buy the last one here!
We do not accept returns or exchanges on sales of seconds


Our small Farmhouse Jewelry Box is hand-thrown on the wheel using stoneware clay, and glazed in our custom-formulated matte eggshell glaze recipe. Each lid is individually thrown to perfectly fit the box. Perfect for housing jewelry, salt, or a butter dish!

1.5" tall x 2.6" wide


If this item is out of stock, please allow 2-4 weeks to make, fire & ship your order.