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Black & White Moon Vase #1
Black & White Moon Vase #1
Black & White Moon Vase #1

Black & White Moon Vase #1

$ 325.00

Our black & white brushed ombre moon vases are all hand-thrown and trimmed on the wheel using stoneware clay. Once trimmed and bisque fired, each vase is hand painted in layers of our custom black and white slips before going back into the kiln to be fired a second time to cone 10 (2300 degrees). Each vase may be painted in layers of slips and high fired several times before completing the desired effect. 

Our black & white ombre moon vases are truly one-of-a-kind, and offer an eye-catching statement to your home and table.

We're very excited to share our new, small batch gallery & fine art collection with you, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!





6" tall x 6" diam


*** This item is intended as a decorative statement piece and is not dishwasher or microwave safe.